Flex-Joist™ allows more response time in case of overloads


Advance warning against dangerous roof overloads

Flex-Joist provides more time to respond and react in case of an overload situation

Flex-Joist™ is an innovative, tension-controlled open-web steel joist that gives steel building systems consistently higher steel joist performance at an affordable cost. With safety a cornerstone of the proven design, Flex-Joist™ protects against potential overload conditions in excess of engineered capacity and the related risks of damage, injury and exposure to liability. In the event of a roof overload condition, the Flex-Joist™ system deflects slowly to allow time for building evacuation and roof shoring.

Laboratory-tested Flex-Joist™ has been shown to exceed standard steel joist design for strength, reliability and ductility, providing ample opportunity to prevent property damage, personal injuries and lost revenues caused by roof collapse. A Flex-Joist™ loaded in excess of its elastic limit will continue to sustain loads at the joist’s plastic load capacity. Any loads added in excess of the plastic load capacity of the individual joist will be transferred to adjacent joists, further extending the timeframe for emergency management, prior to a collective collapse.

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  • Increased steel joist strength and performance
  • Higher reliability index, exceeding industry standard
  • Improved ductility for more time for response
  • Overload warning system, sensoring supplied by third-party provider
31% more reliable

Flex-Joist™ has a system reliability index 31% higher than the American Institute of Steel Construction standard.

29% stronger

Flex-Joist™ increases the size of the weakest components without decreasing the size of the strongest components. 

129% higher ductility

Flex-Joist™ supports loads in excess of the elastic limit during the primary limit state while undergoing extreme deformations.

Third-party sensoring

Flex-Joist™ features optional, third party-installed sensoring and alarms to establish an early roof overload warning system.

Flex™ Joist Brochure Cover
Flex-Joist joist brochure

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