Versa-Dek® roof deck is ideal for mid-rise construction

Versa-Dek® Dovetail Roof Deck

Unleash your design potential with appealing linear plank aesthetics

Increase project performance and reduce costs with a versatile deck system

Versa-Dek® is a versatile and visually appealing dovetail deck that bolsters the cost-efficiency and structural performance of your project. Its signature shape creates a strong deck with impressive span and overhang capabilities, making it ideal for open interior and exterior spaces. The dovetail design also provides a clean, smooth, lineal plank ceiling aesthetic while concealing side-lap and fastener penetrations.

Versa-Dek® is available in lengths from 6’-0” to 40’-0”. Please check with your local New Millennium facility for lengths outside these parameters. Conforms to ASTM A1008/A1008M for uncoated and painted deck, A653/A653M for galvanized deck. Approved by UL, ULC and listed in the UL and ULC Fire Resistance Directories.

Refer to published tables for the minimum yield strength used for each deck type. Contact New Millennium for availability of higher yield strengths when required or use our deck specification tool to view load tables with commonly available non-standard yield strengths and/or gages.

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Versa-Dek® 2.0 S ES*
Versa-Dek® S ES Drawing
Versa-Dek® S ES Dimensions
Versa-Dek® 2.0 S ES Acoustical*
Versa-Dek® S ES Acoustical Drawing
Versa-Dek® S ES Acoustical Dimensions
Versa-Dek® 2.0 LS ES
Versa-Dek® 2.0 LS ES Drawing
Versa-Dek® 2.0 LS ES Dimensions
Versa-Dek® 2.0 LS ES Acoustical
Versa-Dek® LS ES Acoustical Drawing
Versa-Dek® LS ES Acoustical Dimensions
Versa-Dek® 3.5 LS
Versa-Dek® 3.5 LS Drawing
Versa-Dek® 3.5 LS Dimensions
Versa-Dek® 3.5 LS Acoustical
Versa-Dek® 3.5 LS Acoustical Drawing
Versa-Dek® 3.5 LS Acoustical Dimensions

* For exposed ceiling applications, New Millennium recommends a minimum gage of 20 for S ES profiles.

  • Structural deck unit provides support surface for various materials
  • All LS and LS ES types contain an additional minor rib stiffener along the flat dovetail shape to create a tighter lineal plank ceiling aesthetic
  • Available as acoustic deck with NRC ratings as follows: type 2.0 S ES Acoustical, 0.90; type 2.0 LS ES Acoustical, 1.15; type 3.5 LS Acoustical, 0.95
  • Type 3.5 LS Acoustical can be used as a structural deck unit supporting lightweight insulating concrete (LWIC)
  • FM- and ICC-approved unless otherwise noted
Super Versa-Dek®

Super Versa-Dek® builds on the structural and aesthetic benefits of Versa-Dek® with added depth that increases its strength, providing impressive span capabilities that make it ideally suited for long, open interior and exterior spaces. Its strength is derived from a hybrid design. Super Versa-Dek® is fabricated using a (1.5-inch or 3-inch-deep) profile atop a Versa-Dek® 3.5 LS profile. The two profile are mechanically fastened to create a support surface for various types of above-deck materials.

Super Versa-Dek® includes an added rib stiffener along the dovetail shape to create a tighter lineal plank ceiling aesthetic. Optional factory-applied coatings can give ceilings an enhanced and visually appealing finish.

Super Versa-Dek® 6.5 LS
Super Versa-Dek® 6.5 LS Drawing
Super Versa-Dek® 6.5 LS Dimensions
Super Versa-Dek® 6.5 LS Acoustical
Super Versa-Dek® 6.5 LS Acoustical Drawing
Super Versa-Dek® 6.5 LS Acoustical Dimensions
  • The visual appeal of Versa-Dek® with additional strengths
  • Panels delivered fully assembled to the job site
  • Dovetail shape conceals side-lap and fastener penetrations
  • Available as an acoustic deck with an NRC ratings of 1.05
Load tables

Download our design and specification guides PDF, updated with current standards and load tables.

Credit hour: Reduce costs

Using real-world cases, learn how early collaboration on steel joist and deck design can reduced total-project costs.

Multi-story construction

Versa-Dek® also is available as a composite system to create long spans ideal for multi-story construction.

Case Study
Exterior of the Louisiana Children’s Museum

Photo courtesy of © 2019 Neil Alexander

Raising the roof

Super Versa-Dek® ensures success of the complex, challenging roof design of the new Louisiana Children’s Museum.

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