Curve-Dek® facilitates curved roof and canopy designs


Create striking ceiling and roof designs

Curve Deck
Curve-Dek® architectural deck makes innovative roof and canopy applications possible

Curve-Dek® architectural deck gives design teams an innovative solution to create visually stunning ceiling and roof configurations. A smooth, curved building component, Curve-Dek® is a unique solution to meet the growing demand for curved roof and canopy applications.

Curve-Dek® is available in bold fluted or smooth lineal textures as well as with a warrantied painted finish. It provides concave or convex curvatures and is available with optional acoustical properties to meet challenging design requirements.

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  • 3-inch-deep profile, clear span capacity up to 18′-0″
  • Radii as low as 100′-0″
  • Galvanized sheet steel with continuous lengths up to 36′-0″
  • NRCs up to 0.95
Curve-Dek® Drawing
Curve-Dek® Dimensions
Curve-Dek® Acoustical
Curve-Dek® Acoustical Drawing
Curve-Dek® Acoustical Dimensions
Curve-Dek® Cellular
Curve-Dek® Cellular Drawing
Curve-Dek® Cellular Dimensions
Curve-Dek® Cellular Acoustical
Curve-Dek® Cellular Acoustical Drawing
Curve-Dek® Cellular Acoustical Dimensions
Curve-Dek® fabrication limitations
N panels
  • 20-gage decking will curve to a 220’-0” radius
  • 18-gage decking will curve to a 120’-0” radius
Liner panels
  • 20-gage panels will curve to a 150’-0” radius
  • 18-gage panels will curve to a 100’-0”s

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