Deep-Dek® Composite helps make mid-rise steel frames cost-effective

Deep-Dek® Composite System

Minimize floor depth, maximize performance in multi-story construction

Deep-Dek® Composite System office space interior
Deep-Dek® Composite helps make steel frame solutions cost-effective

Deep-Dek® Composite is a space-saving option ideal for multi-story construction projects capable of open spans up to 36 feet—including unshored pours up to 22 feet—and low-profile slabs as thin as 7.635 inches. The result is a long-span composite floor system that maximizes ceiling height and reduces building height.

Deep-Dek® Composite is versatile and efficient, providing many options for maximum safety, performance and cost savings. It weighs less than equivalent concrete floors yet installs faster and attains span-to-depth ratios equal to traditional cast-in-place concrete and hollow-core plank. Deep-Dek® Composite features a patented side-lap connection and deep-ribbed deck profile to achieve its composite bond with the overlaid concrete.

Aesthetically, Deep-Dek® Composite can be left exposed for a bold, deep-fluted appearance while the cellular deck option creates a smooth surface with thin structural ribbing. It also is available in a variety of finishing options.

Photo courtesy of MLB Construction Services

Faster, safer, and more cost-effective installation

To facilitate the assembly of Deep-Dek® Composite panels, Dek-Lok™ is a pneumatic-drive connection tool used to quickly create folded side-lap connections. Panelized Delivery Method™ offers the advantage of assembling floor panels on the ground, increasing safety by taking workers off the frame and decreasing assembly time.

Deep-De® Composite Systems Dimenesions
  • Acoustical treatments can increase STC and IIC ratings
  • Factory closed ends speed installation of the 4.5 and 6.0 profiles
  • Readily adapts to traditional construction means and methods
  • Safer, cost-effective Panelized Delivery Method™
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Load tables

Access our load tables and more to facilitate multi-story project design and increase performance.

Credit hour: Multi-story systems

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Attractive dovetail-deck option

Versa-Dek® Composite is a dovetail deck system that facilitates a vast array of architectural and structural design possibilities.

Case Study
1863 Club at Saratoga Race Course

Photo courtesy of MLB Construction Services

A race to the finish

Deep-Dek® Composite was an integral part of a construction sprint to complete Saratoga Race Course clubhouse in just 10 months.

New Millennium can provide design assistance and help you choose the ideal system for your project. Contact one of our specialists to get started.

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Long-span composite systems brochure

Deep-Dek® Composite is one of our three long-span composite floor systems for multi-story construction.

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