Dovetail composite system for multi-story design and construction

Versa-Dek® Composite

Optimize interior and exterior spaces in multi-story construction

Achieve the thinnest floor slabs possible to reduce story height, maximize ceiling height

Create a unique look while unlocking a vast array of architectural and structural design possibilities in multi-story construction. Available in 2-inch and 3.5-inch profiles, Versa-Dek Composite assemblies are the thinnest unprotected fire-rated composite slabs available. Left exposed, its telltale ‘dovetail’ shape provides a lineal plank ceiling look and conceals unsightly fasteners. Suspend MEP services with relocatable Versa-Wedge® hanging devices designed to interlock with the deck profile. Versa-Wedge® eliminates deck inserts or drill-in anchors.

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Versa-Dek 2.0 LS ES Composite
Versa-Dek® 2.0 Drawing
Versa-Dek® 2.0 Dimensions
Versa-Dek 2.0 LS ES Composite Acoustical
Versa-Dek 2.0 Composite Acoustical Drawing
Versa-Dek 2.0 Composite Acoustical Dimension
Versa-Dek 3.5 LS Composite
Versa-Dek 3.5 Composite Drawing
Versa-Dek 3.5 Composite Dimensions
Versa-Dek 3.5 LS Composite Acoustical
Versa-Dek 3.5 Composite Acoustical Drawing
Versa-Dek 3.5 Composite Acoustical Dimensions
  • Span capacities up to 28 feet with light- or normal-weight concrete topping
  • Un-shored installation options up to 15 feet
  • ‘Built-in’ fire-rated head-of-wall assembly blocks fire, smoke, sound between compartments
Steel deck design tools

Our deck design tools make deck specification easier and help you find the most cost-effective deck for your application.

Credit hour: Reduce costs

Using real-world cases, learn how early collaboration on steel joist and deck design can reduced total-project costs.

Meet Versa-Wedge

Our Versa-Wedge hanger system is an efficient and economical way to integrate MEP, lighting and other utilities with Versa-Dek.

Case Study
Aloft Hotel Ocean City

Photo credit: Richard Jarvis, Owner’s Representative

Hotel’s thin-slab floors provide big-time benefits

Dovetail composite floor deck helps architect create spacious interiors, save millions in costs and cut months of work.

Cover of Versa-Dek Composite Brochure
Versa-Dek Composite brochure

Learn more about Versa-Dek Composite and how it can optimize your next multi-story project.

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