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Building it better takes a team effort

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New Millennium works closely with the project team at each step of development, from early design collaboration to successful project completion

When we say “together, let’s build it better,” we’re talking about everyone involved in a steel building project at every step. We are as invested in the success of a project as the owners, developers, fabricators, erectors, architects and engineers. We consider their point of view. We are mindful of their interests. We are keenly aware of the challenges they face.

What you can expect when New Millennium is on your project team
  • A range of system choices to support design vision
  • Options to address fire and sound ratings
  • Building systems that achieve exposed aesthetics
  • Special profile joists with 40,000 design possibilities
Structural engineers
  • Assistance selecting the right building system
  • Steel joist and deck systems design support
  • Design-assisted engineering for cost minimization
  • Nationwide production and delivery
Fabricators and erectors
  • We quickly resolve RFIs to keep projects moving
  • Dynamic accelerated production
  • Proactive detailing and project coordination
  • Engineering and BIM design process expertise
Owners and developers
  • Design-assist for total-project cost minimization
  • Dynamic production and delivery
  • Proactive service from start to finish
  • BIM-based design and BIM process management
National accounts
  • Managed project supply
  • Optimized pricing and predictability
  • Flexible scheduling and product breadth
  • Total project cost efficiency
Metal building manufacturers
  • BIM-based design and process management
  • Cost-cutting alternative designs
  • Joist spans up to 60 feet reduce bridging counts
  • Innovative joist and deck solutions
We look at projects from your perspective to build a better steel experience

Those perspectives feed our collaborative approach throughout a project. Before our steel joists, steel deck or long-span composite systems are even delivered, we’re there for early assistance on right system selection and engineering. We’re still there after the project is complete to follow up with our partners. We provide what matters: cost-effective design, multiple steel building system options, nationwide production availability, delivery scheduling, attention to details and problem-solving.

New Millennium specialists are prepared to address the unique and wide-ranging needs of the various project contributors. We supply fabricators and erectors with timely estimates, meticulous detailing and rapid RFI resolution. We offer owners and developers early design and support services from start to finish to help ensure earlier building occupancy and revenue generation. We provide architects and engineers with steel joist and deck design assistance, online and on-site training.

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Building a better steel experience