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Architectural Deck

Fab-Dek® Architectural Deck

Fab-Dek® Architectural Deck

Fab-Dek® dovetail shaped roof deck is fabricated with a flat metal plate attached to the topside of the deck. This aesthetically pleasing deck system is used a secondary structural member to provide for lateral force distribution to the structure’s vertical force resisting systems. The flat metal plate serves as a working surface for construction.

Available in four (4) steel gage thicknesses, a variety of galvanized coating weights, and an array of paint options all suited to specific project performance specifications.

  • Types 2.0FDVSESA and 2.0FDVLSESA available as 2″ depth with 24″ cover width
  • Type 3.5FDVLSA available as 3.5″ depth with 24″ cover width
Fab-Dek® Type 2.0FDVSESA
Fab-Dek® Types 2.0FDVSA and 2.0FDVLSA
Fab-Dek® Type 2.0FDVLSESA
Fab-Dek® Types 2.0FDVSESA and 2.0FDVLSESAA
Fab-Dek® Type 3.5FDVLSA
Fab-Dek® Type 3.5FDVLSA
Additional Advantages

The Versa Wedge™ hanger system is an economical and efficient way to install such items as suspended ceilings, sprinkler pipes, mechanical (HVAC) ducts and other utilities and/or equipment from the deck. Versa Wedge™ hangers are easy to install, removable and reusable allowing for future hanging capabilities. The Designer (EOR) must take into account and be responsible for proper sequence of loading including any seismic design considerations as they relate to the ultimate design of the deck.